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Men vs Women, 1999-2015

Improve Gender Balance

Women held 10 of the 19 seats on the Jacksonville City Council in 1999 but occupy only four today. Yet more than half of Duval County’s voters are women. The growing number of women and men who support Nine in 15 believe our community suffers when women’s experiences, perspectives and leadership styles are underrepresented in the public arena. Get informed about issues related to women and politics and help increase women’s presence on City Council in 2019, when eight incumbents will term out, leaving their seats open.

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Websites of Interest

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Reports and Articles of Interest

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Nine in 15 Materials to Download and Share

Nine in 15 April 2014 Newsletter
Self-Assessment Guide for Potential Candidates
The Race Is On PowerPoint (March 13, 2014)
Nine in 15 Launch PowerPoint (November 11, 2013)
Nine in 15 Mission
Nine in 15 Brief

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