Jacksonville, FL


Men vs Women, 1999-2015

Wanted:  A Few Good Women

Help seize the opportunity to elect more women to Jacksonville's City Council. Do you know someone (including yourself) who lives in the City of Jacksonville and might be interested in running?  Women often need to be asked, so don't hesitate to reach out.  To see district boundaries (and also to learn about candidates in other districts), see Open Seats or Supervisor of Elections; to assess your campaign readiness, download this helpful Self-Assessment Guide.  You also can email info@Ninein15.com if you'd like more information. 

Do the Math

It makes no sense to have just four women on the Jacksonville City Council when women make up more than half the city's population--especially given the impact women leaders make in other sectors of the community.  That's the gist of a guest column in the Florida Times-Union.  Written by Ginny Myrick, a past city council member, and co-signed by Nine in 15's founders, the column notes that, not so long ago, Jacksonville significantly outperformed Congress in gender balance. Even today only a fifth of the U. S. Senate and fewer than 19% of U. S. Representatives are women. Yet in 2000, ten of Jacksonville's 19 city council members were women, while in the early 1990s, Northeast Florida sent two women (of four total) to the U. S. House.  Read more at Florida Times-Union 8.12.14.

Want more context? 

Read the new Pew Research profile of Americans who run for office.  (Spoiler alert:  Well-educated white males are the most likely candidates. Only 25% of Americans who have run for office are women.)  Here's the link: Pew: Who Runs for Office in America?

About Nine in 15

Nine in 15 is a nonpartisan grassroots initiative that aims to improve the quality of life in Northeast Florida by encouraging qualified candidates, particularly women, to run for public office and providing information to help them campaign successfully.  The initiative also promotes the appointment of more women to public policy boards and commissions.  In general, Nine in 15 works to raise public awareness of the unique contributions women make to political discourse and action and to address women's underrepresentation in elected and appointed positions.

Nine in 15 does not endorse or fund candidates.  For more information or to be added to our mailing list, contact info@Ninein15.com.